A Burst Pipe Doesn't Wait for Anyone

Rely on our emergency plumber for service in Fyffe and the surrounding areas in AL

When you have a forcefully leaking pipe, you don't have time to wait around for regular business hours. American Independent Plumbing & Bathing Solutions offers emergency plumbing services in Fyffe, Alabama and the surrounding areas. Our emergency plumber works in residential and commercial spaces, including mobile homes, to prevent further damage.

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When should you call an emergency plumber?

When should you call an emergency plumber?

Unless there's water flooding your living room, it can be difficult to know when your repair is an emergency. However, there are a few times when it's important to call an emergency plumber.

We recommend emergency plumbing services if...

  • The water in your home isn't running.
  • You have a burst pipe that's leaking.
  • Sewage is backing up into your home.

Don't put off your time-sensitive repair. Speak with an emergency plumber today by calling 256-641-1095.