Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

With over 70 years of experience, we can install your walk-in tub in Fyffe and the surrounding areas in AL

Bathrooms and showers are often tight, difficult-to-navigate spaces. To improve mobility and accessibility, American Independent Plumbing & Bathing Solutions offers walk-in shower and bathtub options. We work with homeowners in Fyffe, Alabama and the surrounding areas to create custom bathrooms for each individual.

We estimate one- to two-day turnarounds for our walk-in shower installations. Call us today to set up an appointment.

A bathtub with all the bells and whistles

A bathtub with all the bells and whistles

A walk-in tub is a luxurious and accessible addition to any bathroom. They're great for athletes, older individuals and those with disabilities who need a mobility-friendly bathtub.

Every walk-in tub comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. You can customize your tub to include...

  • Embedded water and air jets.
  • A built-in aromatherapy system.
  • Grab bars and armrests.

We offer financing options to make these features available to everyone. Speak with a contractor about your custom walk-in tub today by calling 256-641-1095.